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The Association MINTIES BITĖS was established in 2012 in order to bring together organizations and individuals for activities that benefit society as a whole. Ensuring the social integration of individuals/groups in pursuit of equal rights and opportunities. Develop measures to prevent social problems.

The Association promotes, creates, designs, develops, evaluates, and implements various methodological development tools of educational, vocational training, qualification upgrade and requalification, non-formal education and learning also methodologies and techniques, programs, projects, social partnership networks, etc., for specialists and various social groups and persons.

The Association promotes, organizes, designs, develops, evaluates, and implements innovative and effective programs and tools such as social integration, an increase of professional rehabilitation and employment, violence prevention and help, strengthening and development of communities and non-governmental organizations, equal opportunities for men and women, educational, informational and training of prevention, educational activities, integrated services, etc., for various social groups and persons.


The Association organizes and carries out social researches, training, conferences, congresses, seminars, round tables, discussions, and other events; indicates and creates methodologies of indicators and assessment, etc.; the development, preparation, evaluation, reviewing, publishing, certification, accreditation of publications, methodological tools, programs, interactive databases, information portals, training platforms, and other intellectual products.

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