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Tool for Teen Newsletter

NEWSLETTER 2, December 2020

Erasmus + project - Strategic Partnerships for Youth ,,Developing an Innovative Tool in Youth Work for Teen Parents”

The Tool4Teen Erasmus+ project partners would like to welcome you to reading our second newsletter. The last time we put together our newsletter back in February 2020 we were in a time of limbo, not knowing what the short-term future was to bring. Having adapted and changed the way we work the Tool4Teen project has been able to continue successfully supporting our target group!

What have we been up to?

Moving online

Having changed our ways of working from face-to-face to online we as partners have been able to deliver training safely. More recently some partners, in countries where rates of Covid-19 are reducing, have been able to deliver socially distant and safe training face-to-face.

We had a Kick off meeting online. During the meeting partners presented themselves and their companies.

Also we had a n online workshop to finalize the last version of IO1. For the moment MINTIES BITES are creating the Comic strips referring to the topics prepared by partners.

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