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Let's learn to fish

Association MINTIES BITĖS signed a project with Šiauliai City Municipality Administration "Let's learn to fish" contract.

The association MINTIES BITĖS aims to strengthen the cooperation of organizations in this project, together with the search for how to increase financial independence in planning new economic activities and in order to obtain financial benefits from them.

The aim of the project: is to strengthen and develop the financial independence and cooperation of NGOs in planning the development of a new activity - social business.

Project objectives: To organize a round table discussion with the representatives of Šiauliai NGO institutions in order to find out the need for social services in Šiauliai. Training for NGO employees on the concept of social business, elucidation of the need for goods or services in the territory of their activity, business establishment, marketing and sales methods, writing a business plan. Gain good practice in a successful social business NGO. Develop a social business plan in collaboration with NGOs. To prepare an information publication for NGO employees about social business opportunities and benefits for increasing the organization's financial independence. Create a contact fair during the round table discussions, which will be transferred to the NGO cluster created on the social network Facebook. Project duration: 8 months. The project is intended for Šiauliai city NGOs and their representatives.

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