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Green city

Project no: SŽ-744

June 28 Association MINTIES BITĖS has signed an agreement with Šiauliai City Municipality Administration on the project “Green City” (No. SŽ-744).

The aim of the project is to promote public awareness in the field of environmental protection by developing citizens' knowledge of ecology.

Project objectives: ⦁ To draw public attention to the negative impact of society on nature; ⦁ To form an attitude to act in the interest of nature; ⦁ Promotion of ecological campaigns; ⦁ Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The association MINTIES BITĖS aims to involve the population in ecological campaigns, to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle, thus promoting the community spirit of the society. During the project, participants will be encouraged to use less cars and maintain good physical condition on walking instead. Šiauliai residents will also contribute ideas on how to improve the image of Šiauliai city. During the project there will be excursions, hikes, orienteering competitions, competitions with great prizes! Follow the news and get involved. Project duration: 6 months. The project is intended for Šiauliai city residents.


On December 10, the last activity of the project "Green City" took place - an orientation competition! Participants traveled around the city center of Šiauliai and searched for certain points of the competition - for example: Valerijonas Pharmacy, where you can find ecological cosmetics, Delfinas Swimming Club, where time is actively spent. Well, the participants, having successfully reached the last reference point - the Association MINTIES BITĖ, were awarded with gift vouchers of the ecological store, and the first team with a scooter. Therefore, this orientation walk not only provided an opportunity to spend a healthy, active time, but also to find places that are related to a healthy lifestyle. We thank the institutions that participated and agreed to be the "points" of the competition and the participants for their active participation!


ŠIAULIAI – Green city

On September 11, a march organized by the Association MINTIES BITĖ took place. It was organized on the initiative of the project "Green City". The aim of the trip was to promote public awareness in the field of environmental protection by developing citizens' knowledge about ecology and healthy living.

Anyone who wanted and followed the news on the websites and registered by phone could join this beautiful event. Participants were diverse: both teachers with students and all those who wanted to become participants in this project and get involved in ecological campaigns. The aim of the project is to encourage less use of cars, instead of walking more and maintaining a better physical condition. Also to contribute to the improvement of ecology and the image of Šiauliai city.


Green city - at the cat museum

On July 30, the association MINTIES BITĖ carried out the activities planned for the project “Green City” - a trip to the Cat Museum.

During the activities, the participants were introduced to the history of the "Cat Museum" and could see a large collection of cat exhibits. Participants admired exhibits from different countries, read poems about cats. We had the opportunity to get acquainted with the cats living in the cat museum, and we also saw the pictures of the competition "My Dream Cat" donated by pre-school and school-age children. And the most attention was paid to the residents of the "Zoo Garden", with whom the participants took photos, watched and even introduced them to the animals growing up in the "Cat Museum". We thank the participants and of course # the Cat Museum staff and residents

Follow the news and participate in other classes, competitions! ATTENTION! The next event - “March-education in Talkša ecological trail” will take place on September 11, at 10 am. REGISTRATION REQUIRED or by phone +370 602 71640 We are sharing great moments from the event at the Cat Museum!

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